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What is a tantric massage?




Sensual massage is one of the most liberating, enjoyable forms of professional massage therapy services available. Some may find such a topic a little taboo, but the practice has been undertaken for hundreds of years with medical and sexual benefits both widely documented. Historically, sensual and tantric massage have been accepted as valid healing methods for a variety of physical, emotional and sexual ailments, although they can also be undertaken purely for fun and pleasure!
Tantric massage is one of the most recognisable and spiritually-beneficial forms of sensual massage; its philosophies have played a large part in the development and acceptance of sensual massage as a whole. Due to its prevalence in popular culture, many people are aware of some version of Tantra. What you think of as Tantra is most probably actually Neotantra, a modern, new age branch of Tantra that has arisen from Western interpretations of Buddhist and Indian Tantric traditions.
Tantric massage was originally used as means for stimulating the Kundalini energy – a libidinal force that is said to be found within every human organism. This energy can be directly translated to mean ‘coiled’, which is why the image of Kundalini is often depicted as a snake-like form waiting at the base of the spine to be released. When the Kundalini is stimulated, a divine awakening with effects such as energy rushes, a feeling of bliss and involuntary tremours is said to be experienced. Those who have truly experienced this awakening believe it to be a form of spiritual enlightenment.












There are two methods used as a path to this awakening: active and passive. The active approach is usually a form or meditation or yoga, and is so called because the person is actively seeking the enlightenment themselves.
The passive approach requires a teacher and a recipient open to experiencing the awakening – the latter factor being vital to the occurrence of spiritual enlightenment. Considering these factors, it is relatively easy to see how the concept of Tantric massage we know today developed – the willing participant allows the teacher to use Tantric massage techniques as a means of sexual, physical or emotional therapy.
Modern, Western versions of Tantric massage are used in a variety of ways by a variety of people. Tantric massage may be undertaken as a part of foreplay or indeed as the final sexual act itself, but it is also commonly used as a sexual therapy. Professionals and amateurs alike sing praise to this form of massage, which is constantly growing in popularity, partly due to the availability of accessories, videos and Tantric massage books on the market. Professional practices are also prevalent, from those aimed at providing a kind of therapy to those purely for pleasure.
In London, there are many options when it comes to finding the right kind of sensual massage for you. Popular sensual massage techniques include:
• Tantric
• Lingam
• Slippery or Nuru
• Body to body
• Prostate
With experienced professionals located throughout the city, offering a variety of Tantric massage services, the choices are plentiful. Our extensive directory of sensual massages in London offers a great deal of choice – there is sure to be something perfect for everyone.