Depending on the masseuse you choose, the setting for your body to body massage will be prepared prior to your arrival. Many masseuses will use delicate lighting such as candles, along with relaxing, sensuous music to create the ideal atmosphere for the room in which the massage will take place. Some masseuses will even be able to visit you at your desired location (e.g. your hotel), in which case the setting will obviously not be prepared for your arrival. Many body to body massages will begin with a shower or Jacuzzi, with which the masseuse will assist you. This initial cleansing process will prepare your muscles for the relaxation and pleasurable sensations that are to follow. When you step out of the shower, you will be led to the massage bed. The body to body massage will begin with you lying on your front. Your masseuse will cover your entire body with massage oil and work on the muscles at the back of your body, alternating between firm massage techniques and lighter, more erotic touches. Your masseuse will then step out of her clothing and begin to use the curves of her naked body on yours, sliding across your skin, massaging your muscles and activating your erogenous zones. You will soon be asked to turn over so you are on your back, at which point the masseuse will work on the front of your body. Though pleasure is the ultimate goal of body to body Tantric massage, it is by no means a rushed procedure. You will have an allotted amount of time, all of which will be dedicated to maximising your experience. A big part of the sensual massage technique is teasing, so relax and enjoy – for as long as you can. Benefits It is not only the immediate benefits such as relaxation and pleasure that result from body to body massage. Other benefits of repeated use of this therapy can include such major changes as decreased blood pressure, stress and levels of depression, along with improved circulation, more energy and increased levels of self-confidence and esteem. As each treatment is customised to the individual, sensual massage is an art form that is truly a unique experience. Your masseuse will be an experienced, trained professional who will take your wishes into account and base her therapy on how she perceives your reactions. For first-timers, you masseuse will be happy to explain the process and put your mind at ease should you have any reservations. Once you try body to body massage, it is very likely you will become a convert who returns again and again.

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