Though the word ‘erotic’ may immediately mark this form of massage as slightly taboo, erotic massage is actually widely recognised for the variety of benefits – including physical, sexual and emotional – recipients experience. Though some may disregard this notion and maintain that erotic massage is nothing more than an excuse for more socially-acceptable paid sexual contact, erotic massage has actually been practised for hundreds of years since its beginnings as a medical treatment. During the seventeenth century, a condition termed ‘female hysteria’ led to the creation of the medical technique referred to as ‘pelvic massage’. It is quite amusing to consider that female hysteria was once considered a legitimate medical condition, and indeed that the provision of a treatment that can only be described as an extremely intimate massage was considered non-sexual. The facts that the goal of the treatment was to lead the woman to experience a series of convulsions and that the condition was most common in widows and other single women did not seem to click in the minds of the medical professionals that dedicated hours to administering this treatment to affected women. It was the conviction that female hysteria was a genuine condition and the only treatment option was pelvic massage that led to the invention of a home remedy – the vibrator. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the vibrator was commonly advertised and a main-stay in many homes. In fact, it was even present in many homes before now-common electrical appliances such as the vacuum cleaner. It is probably due to the existence of the vibrator that erotic massage is a service less commonly sought by women than by men. Erotic massage today is more openly acknowledged as what it is intended for – to provide pleasure or as a treatment for any number of physical, emotional or sexual ailments. Erotic massage, especially a branch known as Tantric massage, is noted in particular as a sexual therapy. Some benefits of recurrent treatments include: • Decreased blood pressure. • Reacting positively to sexual stimulation. • Increased self-confidence and esteem. • Lessened anxiety and depression. • Ability to prolong arousal and control premature ejaculation. • Increased sex drive. So what does an erotic massage involve? Exactly what takes place will depend on the form of erotic massage you choose, but as a general rule, your erotic massage therapist will stimulate various erogenous zones with the goal of treatment, pleasure or both. Sexual release may occur as part of an erotic sensual massage, but it is far from being the only goal and your therapist will ensure this does not happen too soon. Erotic Massage in London Now that you are a little more familiar with erotic massage, it is time you experienced it. With so many erotic massage options in London, you have nothing but choice. Our directory lists a number of erotic massage therapists in London, all with unique specialities and qualities that ensure there is a masseuse perfect for you. To experience your erotic massage in London, browse our directory of skilled erotic massage therapists, book your appointment and enjoy!

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