There is no denying that the Lingam massage is sexually stimulating and often ends in release however, that is not the primary goal of such a massage. One of the most important parts of Tantric massage is promoting relaxation within the recipient. Teasing is also a big part of what makes Lingam massage so pleasurable. . As with all forms of massage, oil is used as a lubricant to make the massage more pleasurable. Soft strokes are applied, beginning with the inner thighs before working the way to the testicles and then to the perineum. The masseuse will spend a significant amount of time stimulating this area before travelling to the shaft and head of the penis. Many men are capable of experiencing several orgasms, without ejaculation, through Lingam massage. If the goal of undertaking sexual therapy through Lingam massage is to increase control over ejaculation, the therapist may step away when you near orgasm, allowing you to learn to prolong ejaculation after several sessions – we doubt we need to tell you how much such a skill could dramatically improve your sex life. Benefits Lingam massage offers a variety of physical and spiritual benefits, not to mention it is a very enjoyable form of therapy! Some of the benefits that may arise as a result of Lingam massage include: • Increased control of sexual energy and drive. • Increased control over issues such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. • Improved blood circulation, allowing your organs and brain to receive a better supply of oxygen. • Increased control of internal energy, especially useful for those who often find themselves feeling unreasonably tired. • Reductions in stress and depression through the heightened relaxation Lingam massage provides. • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem due to the heightened level of comfort and security you will feel within yourself. As you can see, Lingam massage is useful not only for improving your sexual problems but also your overall health. Though Lingam massage can be very sensual, the therapy can be just that – a treatment that does not necessarily need to be sexual. The main goal is to relax and enjoy the process whilst reaping the benefits this form of massage provides. Your Masseuse Your trained masseuse will do her utmost to ensure you enjoy the massage. She will likely discuss your individual needs and tailor your massage accordingly. Our directory has a number of skilled professionals ready to introduce you to the unforgettable experience that is Lingam massage.

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