Whether you are already a sensual massage convert or you are new to this wondrous form of therapy, nude massage is an exquisitely pleasurable massage type that will be sure to help you relax, unwind and really enjoy yourself. Nude massage offers a further degree of intimacy that many other sensual massage techniques do not, due to the fact that your erotic massage therapist will be naked as well. The Nude Massage When you arrive for your nude massage, your erotic massage therapist will be waiting for you and will have prepared a relaxing, sensual setting to get you both in the mood and help you relax and enjoy the experience. Such preparations may involve music, candles and oils along with the comfortable massage bed. If your masseuse is travelling to you, they will be adept at quickly creating a sensual mood to enable you to enjoy the massage just as much as if you were in a massage parlour. Nude massage often begins with you bathing, whether that be in a shower or a dedicated Jacuzzi. The sensual massage therapist may assist or even join you with this part of the experience. Following the Jacuzzi or shower, your masseuse will lead you to the massage bed and proceed with the massage. Typically, the nude massage will start with you lying on your front for the sensual massage therapist to work on your back. The masseuse will begin with soft touches aimed at teasing you, then will progress to firmer motions – all with the goal of keeping you in a state of pleasure and ecstasy for as long as possible. You will then be asked to roll onto your back so the sensual massage therapist can focus on the front of your body. The experience of a nude massage is not supposed to be a fast or rushed one – in fact, your sensual massage therapist will aim to tease you as much as possible, only guiding you to sexual release toward the end of the massage. Benefits If you have read the description of a nude massage, there can be no doubt in your mind that it offers a great deal of pleasure and relaxation, but there are further benefits. In fact, nude massage is acknowledged for the significant impact it can have on the emotional, physical and sexual health of regular recipients of such an erotic massage. A separate branch of sensual massage: Tantric massage, offers a host of benefits and is considered to be quite a spiritual experience. Nude massage can provide many benefits similar to Tantric massage, including stress relief, decreased blood pressure, improved circulation, more self-confidence and energy, and management of depression. Nude massage can also help with sexual conditions such as premature ejaculation by teaching the recipient to control their arousal and thereby prolong it. Nude massage is a unique experience, with each massage bespoke to the needs of the individual as well as being dependent on the exact practices and techniques offered by the sensual massage therapist. There are a large number of nude massage therapists in London, with different areas of expertise, just waiting to introduce you to the pleasure and enjoyment that is nude massage.

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