With its origins in the exotic land of Japan, slippery or ‘Nuru’ massage has gradually become famous for its erotic, sensual nature. This form of sensual massage has become extremely popular in the UK of late, and for good reason. The pleasure, relaxation and even health benefits that result from this kind of massage are unique and enjoyable – if you are seeking a new means of sensual stimulation, you have found it. Nuru Gel The special ‘nori’ gel used for slippery massage allows the masseuse to slide her body easily across yours, activating every erogenous zone and providing waves of pleasure unlike anything you have experienced before. Though the gel is odourless and tasteless, the slippery nature of it adds greatly to the recipient’s enjoyment. Some say the name Nuru actually came from the Japanese word for seaweed: nori, which eventually became Nuru over time. This is a plausible notion as the special type of gel used for this kind of massage is made with seaweed, among other ingredients. Nuru gel is tasteless, colourless and odourless, as well as offering a range of health benefits. The health benefits provided by the seaweed in Nuru gel include the fact that it cleanses and detoxifies the body, while soothing the skin and helping increase blood flow – this really is an incredible herbal treatment and you will feel amazing after the massage. This gel enables the masseuse to provide an even more sensuous experience for the recipient. Nuru gel is very wet and slippery, feeling cool to the touch but adding a level of increased comfort when applied all over the body – as it will be as part of the massage.

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