Prostate massage is a unique form of Tantric massage. Many claim prostate massage to be capable of introducing men to pleasure unlike any they have ever experienced. The health benefits alone are well known, but the practice is also extremely enjoyable. In fact, the prostate is often referred to as the ‘male G-spot’, with many men able to achieve orgasm (or many in succession) through the stimulus of the prostate gland alone. Studies show the sensations experienced by men through this form of sensual massage are similar to those females experience through their G-spot. Prostate massage has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is now reportedly a fairly common practice between couples, as men affirm they experience intense pleasure from this method of stimulation. Prostate massage may involve toys, but most often a finger is used. The prostate may be stimulated through anal penetration or the perineum. A gentle massage technique must be used as the prostate is extremely sensitive. Prostate massage, sometimes referred to as prostate milking, is commonly undertaken for both sexual and medical purposes. The prostate is a vital part of the sexual response cycle as it is essential in the ejaculation process. The reported benefits of this form of massage are endless and include: • Improved circulation, particularly in the legs, hips and lower back. • Helping prevent diseases such as cancer and chronic prostatitis. • Helping keep the prostate healthy, although healthy lifestyle choices should also be employed. • Increased energy and relaxation. • Increased libido. • A possible cure for impotence. Though not all men are able to experience orgasm from prostate stimulation alone, many report something they refer to as a ‘super orgasm’ as a result of this form of sensual massage. Accounts from men detail the experience of several successive orgasms – something they did not know they were capable of prior to trying prostate massage – followed by what they call the ‘super orgasm’, which lasts several minutes and evidently has quite an intense effect on the body. After your prostate massage, you will leave feeling refreshed, revitalised, relieved and full of energy, not to mention the deep, restful sleep you are sure to have that night. Though prostate massage can be performed in a medical setting, it can also be very sensual, which is no surprise as it is based on the Tantric principles. This form of sensual massage is very relaxing yet exciting. The recipient must be prepared with an open mind, ready for the explosive sensations often reported as part of this therapy – simply hearing the comments of other men that have experienced prostate massage should be enough to convince you that this will be unforgettable. With a variety of prostate massage London masseuses available, you can feel comfortable and confident in the fact that you will receive a professional yet extremely erotic sensual massage. Your masseuse will be a trained, skilled professional who is an expert at making you feel comfortable and helping you enjoy your experience. To view the profiles of all the therapists available for prostate massage London, simply visit our Search Therapists page and begin browsing.

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