Tantric massage is often referred to as erotic or sensuous massage, and for good reason. The original purpose of Tantric massage is to stimulate Kundalini energy with the goal of physical or emotional healing. Kundalini translates directly to ‘coiled’, referring to an unconscious, libidinal force said to rest within every human being. The experience of awakening this energy has many effects upon the body that are said to be akin to spiritual enlightenment. There are various methods for awakening this energy: actively or passively. The active method most often involves a form of yoga or meditation, whilst the passive approach must be experienced through a teacher who has already experienced the awakening. All of this may seem like an unrelated concept for those simply in search of a sensual massage London, but the origins of Tantric massage date far back beyond and are more complex than what the concept is most-commonly understood as today. Many of the so-called symptoms of the awakening of Kundalini will sound familiar to those that know they have not experienced Tantric massage – energy rushes, feelings of intense heat or cold and a feeling of bliss are just some of the characteristics those who have experienced the sensation have described. It is easy to draw parallels between this divine awakening and something more commonly known and experienced – sexual fulfillment. Indeed, sexual release is often part of this awakening in both males and females. This is no doubt how the practice has developed from what was once a rarer form of healing to what it is today. Today, Tantric massage is widely known and praised for both the emotional and physical benefits as well as being an exquisite form of pleasure. Sensual massage has actually been practiced for a long time for both medical and erotic purposes. In fact, as late as the nineteenth century, forms of erotic massage were practiced by physicians on women as treatment for female hysteria, which was once considered to be a common mental illness. Somewhat amusingly, the undeniable sexual method behind this treatment was largely ignored. Neotantra, the modern, Western version of Tantra, is focused purely on sex, and is probably the form you are most familiar with. Neotantra is inspired by interpretations of traditional Tantric practices originating in India and the Buddhist faith. It is within this branch that the modern form of Tantric massage has developed. Though Tantric massage was once practiced mainly by professionals, the practice has experienced increasing popularity amongst amateurs; it is now often used as a part of foreplay or sex. This amateur use of the practice has been made possible by the wide range of sensual massage books, videos and accessories on the market. However, professional practices with the aim of providing sexual, emotional or physical healing are still very much in existence today. Most commonly, those in search of Tantric massage London are looking for a massage that will help them attain peace, relaxation and pleasure. Tantric massage offers new levels of relaxation to the body that you may not have experienced through massage before. The main goal of modern Tantric massage is to offer a space for the mind to rest and the body to heal. In the final stage, the release will provide a reduction in tension, stress and emotions as well as other benefits such as lowering blood pressure and more control over ejaculation.In terms of sex therapy, sensual massage may be used to encourage the receiver to react positively to sexual stimulus or as a means for increasing the libido. Among male recipients, sensual massage is often employed to discourage premature ejaculation by teaching how to relax the musculature of the pelvis, thereby prolonging arousal. Whilst the purpose of Tantric massage is to provide a pleasurable experience, it is also designed to last – an important part of Tantric massage is the teasing. The ecstasy provided through Tantric massage is something that simply must be experienced and will not be easily forgotten.

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