Outcall massage vs incall massage?

Now, another important thing is where you gonna have your sensual massage London experience. There are 2 options – visiting an erotic massage parlor or inviting masseuse to your place. These are called outcall and incall massage services, respectively. Incalls are often cheaper than the outcalls, but its more convenient to have tantric massage London […]

Tantric massage or erotic massage?

Tantric massage or erotic massage – know what you are choosing A proper tantric massage, or at least a tantric massage in the traditional meaning, is an erotic massage between lovers. Not necessarily should they be a man and wife, but what is vital is the deep connection of two loving souls, which naturally expresses […]

Opening Your Mind to Tantric Massage

There is no denying that many hear the words Tantric massage and think of sex, nudity and something that takes place in a dark room hidden from the world. This is far from the case – in fact, Tantric massage is part of the Western interpretation of what was once (and still is, in parts […]