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Frequently Asked Questions


Questions asked many times from people who are unsure of

what they want when it comes to massages and 

just general questions too about massages


Will I receive a professional massage or just some kind of erotic show?

Individual massage techniques vary from masseuse to masseuse, as does the level of skills. There are professionally trained massage therapists turned tantric, and there are just pretty girls turned massage therapists. If the quality of massage matters a lot you and you want proper treatment, or have particular areas of concern on your body, we would recommend you inquire at erotic massage London salon or agency about the skill set of a lady you are about to book a massage session with.

It depends from agency to agency and from parlour to parlour. If they are not very busy, you can get an appointment in the parlour or mobile masseuse in your home or hotel as soon as within 30 minutes, one hour being the industry standard for bookings. Can be trickier if you want to see a particular masseuse: in the parlours, different masseuses work on selected days, so you might need to wait for up to weeks’ time to see the diva of your dreams. Similar trap with the outcall massage London agencies –         they can have a large gallery of ladies on their websites, but your most desired one might not be available on the day and time you want. So it is highly recommended you book in advance if have strong inclination towards a particular tantric masseuse.

Does tantric massage session involve sex?

As a rule, no, it does not. However exceptions to the rule are not impossible. The policy regarding sexual service might vary between sensual massage London providers, so it’s good idea just to call up several places or individuals and find that out. A question put in a polite form will usually get you a polite answer, positive or negative. However bear in mind that it is not an escort service anyway and the main treat you will receive will still be the massage.

Are there contraindications for this kind of massage?

If you have a health condition under which you must avoid getting overly emotionally or sexually excited, have weak heart or high blood pressure, sensual massage is not recommended for you. If you had trauma or operation recently, it is better to avoid that area while massaged.

Do I have to go to the parlour for a session of sensual massage or the masseuse can come straight to my home or hotel?

Both options are possible, choose the one that suits you better and find an agency providing it. If you wish to invite a masseuse to your place, the usual requirement is that it needs to be within central London, zone 1-2. Some agencies provide service for major London airports as well, for additional taxi fare. If you are about to book a visiting erotic massage, you would need to give the agency your full address with the postcode and preferably landline number as well. They only need it to verify that the booking is genuine and there is a person waiting for a masseuse on that address. In all other regards your privacy is safe. Unless your wife or girlfriend returns home unexpectedly.

Is it legal thing to enjoy?

Yes, in UK it is, given you are minimum 18 years of age.

Would I need to use condom?

With massage only, no. The final release is done by hand, so there is no risk of STD or pregnancy. If you’ve persuaded a masseuse to have sex with you – then make informed choice at your own risk.