How to choose your perfect erotic massage service

How to choose your perfect erotic massage service
Tantric Massage

Tantric massage London services are pretty much the same across all salons. There are certain differences of course, and there can be some catches as well.

When ordering erotic massage London service, make sure you ask in detail what exactly is included in the price. Here are some main points of focus that you need to be clarified before you confirm your sensual massage booking.

First off, if you are ordering outcall massage London service, ask at the agency reception if the taxi fare of the masseuse is included in the price. At the night time and during the weekends and public holidays, taxi fares in London are very expensive. That could add up to 50-70 pounds to your massage bill and, naturally and understandably, leave you feeling sour.

Second, ask if body to body massage is included in tantric massage package that you are about to order. By default, body to body massage should be included, as it is one of the central elements of sensual massage. But there are sneaky companies that will want to charge you extra for this. This is no good practice and we would advise you to look elsewhere for your erotic massage London therapist.

Third, ask if lingam massage is included. Lingam is your sex organ, and the whole aim of sensual massage is that you are not only aroused in the process, but also relieved at the end. Sounds logical, right? But not to all. Imagine being asked for extra 50 queen when laying down naked with your pride pointing to the heavens. Not so pleasant. At worst, you may lose your erection altogether.

Forth, ask if erotic massage therapist will be naked. Another obvious thing is that sensual massage should be performed in the nude. Again, there are agencies and independent so called “tantric massage therapists” that think differently. They may offer you bikini massage or lingerie massage instead of proper sensual nude massage. You may get this for a discounted price, but you are about to receive a cheap replica of tantric massage. We assume you want the real thing, don’t you?

Fifth, the question that troubles the minds of every potential tantric massage customer: is sex allowed?? The answer is, it depends. It is almost never allowed openly, and if it is, expect some run down place with cheap second hundred hands girls in it, pale, underfeed and possibly human trafficked to London from the less economically fortunate places of the globe. Respectable high class agencies will tell you big no straight on. The trick is to offer a substantial reward for this so called “extra” service. Expect to be asked to pay double of the stated massage price, that would be around 500 pounds. Is it worth the price tag? Well, sometimes.

Other noteworthy things you will want to keep in mind before booking tantric massage London session are the availability of extra services like prostate massage, aqua massage or body worship, the exact location of the parlour and its proximity to the public transport links or expected time of the arrival of your therapist, as well as privacy and cancellation policies of the company in question.

We offer you a superb tantric massage service in London.

Tantric massage is an ultimate adventure into the land of sophisticated sensory delights and opulent erotic sensations. Tantric massage is performed by nude masseuse, who will massage your body from head to toes, giving special attention to your sensitive erogenous zones. Body to body massage will add extra spice to your tantric therapy session. The culmination of the treatment is lingam massage (massage of male sex organ) and you can order a prostate massage as well to enhance your sensual experience.