Opening Your Mind to Tantric Massage

Opening Your Mind to Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage

There is no denying that many hear the words Tantric massage and think of sex, nudity and something that takes place in a dark room hidden from the world. This is far from the case – in fact, Tantric massage is part of the Western interpretation of what was once (and still is, in parts of the world) a very spiritual practice. Of course, Tantric massage is a little more sensual than meditating with the goal of spiritual enlightenment, but the aim of this form of massage is still beyond sexual gratification – the broad goal can be defined as reaching new levels of sexual enlightenment with the help of a pleasurable massage delivered by a skilled professional. Alternatively, many turn to Tantric massage as a form of sexual therapy.

With roots in a form of spiritual yoga developed in medieval India around 5AD, the goal of Tantric meditation was the awakening of a divine energy known as Kundalini. Translating directly to ‘coiled’, this energy is said to rest within every human being, just waiting to be roused. Awakening the Kundalini is believed to be akin to spiritual enlightenment.

Traditionally, there are two methods for stimulating this energy. The active method involves an individual meditating or performing yoga in order to awaken the energy whilst the passive approach requires a teacher to awaken the energy within a student. This is where the idea behind Tantric massage has been developed – essentially, your Tantric massage therapist is leading you to experience sexual enlightenment.

It is easy to see how this form of massage could be desirous purely for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment, but there are also a surprising number of health benefits, not to mention the variety of therapeutic uses. The health benefits of Tantric massage include basic results such as reduced stress and tension, but can extend far beyond these to include major benefits such as decreased blood pressure, as well as increased circulation and self-confidence. In terms of therapy, Tantric massage is often used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. This can be achieved by helping the recipient respond positively to sexual stimulation or by the Tantric massage therapist stepping away when the recipient nears sexual release, teaching them to control this aspect of sexual activity.

Of course it is impossible to deny the sensual nature of Tantric massage, but it is also clear to see that it is far more than a purely sexual practice. ~
Tantric massage therapists are indeed skilled professionals and the form of therapy they deliver can have significant physical and emotional benefits. However, Tantric massage does not always have to be performed by a professional – many couples now practice this form of sensual massage in the privacy of their own home.

It is time to open your mind to Tantric massage London – and perhaps try tantric massage.