Privacy is the sensitive question that disturbs many prospective erotic massage clients in London. Especially concerned are influential people, to whom an unwary sexual entertainment may cost a career or family. And more than ever it is important to London visitors who come from the countries where tantric massage is prohibited along with escort services. Your confusion is understandable, dear guests, and we will try to elucidate the privacy policy of sensual massage agencies in London for you. If you are coming to a London massage parlor for a treatment, you would only need a mobile phone number to call them up and to receive a text message with the parlour address, booking confirmation and appointment time. That’s it. If you are not a world famous celebrity, the chances of any sort of privacy breach are zero. Well, it is still advisable you get pay as you go phone for this purpose if your main concern is your wife or girlfriend. There are bits of personal information you will need to give to the agency you would like to use. If you want a masseuse to come to your private residence or hotel suite, the agency will ask you for: 



Postal Code


Telephone number for private residence massage bookings




Full name

Hotel address with postcode

Room number

Hotel reception telephone number for hotel massage booking.