Tantric massage or erotic massage?

Tantric massage or erotic massage?
Tantric Massage

Tantric massage or erotic massage – know what you are choosing

A proper tantric massage, or at least a tantric massage in the traditional meaning, is an erotic massage between lovers. Not necessarily should they be a man and wife, but what is vital is the deep connection of two loving souls, which naturally expresses itself in the sexual union, yet is not limited to it and is present on the number of other levels too. That’s the whole point – love, connection and the noble spiritual goal of the whole activity. That is Tantra the way it meant to be.

Tantric massage London parlors offer can not be like that by definition. Erotic massage would be the proper name of the service, but when the say it’s a tantric massage, the whole thing immediately sounds so posh and mysterious so they can charge more for it. Marketing, you know. Sheer sale pitch, in the mildest terms.

Well, we should admit, some hostesses of these Tantra London salons have been in India and other exotic locations, they know the concept of chakras, energy flow, breathing techniques, etc., but that is often superficial and rarely practiced by their younger apprentices who just perform sensual massage under a tantric sauce.

Sensual massage is just enough for most London men

Admittedly, not everyone needs or is ready for the proper tantric massage treatment. For then the receiver of the massage would also need to engage and participate in the activity, being mindful of own feelings and sensations, being willing to learn how to get in touch with and then direct own sexual energy, learning breathing techniques, concentration, and meditation… Sound complicated, right? It indeed is. Real tantric massage is not a one-way street.

Erotic massage is so much easier. You only need to lie down and relax – the naked diva will do everything on her own. She will touch you in the most intimate places, will intentionally play with you, arouse you and make you come. (Standard erotic massage London session ends in the massage of the penis. The service providers like to call in Lingam massage, Lingam being a tantric name of that part of male anatomy. Just to mention quickly, you can also have a prostate massage if feeling adventurous enough. Personal tastes vary on that matter, but there is no harm or pain in trying it once, you will see then if it is for you or not. And yes, they also call it “happy ending massage” for this reason – for the orgasm at the end of it.)

Most definitely, the whole experience of erotic massage is very intimate and sensual. Naked masseuse, slow movements, sensual provocations – it’s all very engaging and extremely arousing. If you happen to come across a professional sensual massage London therapist, who is also young and beautiful, you will have an unforgettable time, worth every penny. Yet keep in mind, that is sensual erotic massage, not the tantric massage.