To start with, tantric massage is a full body massage. Ideally, tantric massage therapist must be trained in one or few schools of therapeutic massage, because a proper body rub is needed for deep relaxation and as a preparation for the erotic part. The whole body and mind should be relaxed as fully as possible, and this is especially true in our times of everlasting stress and all increasing demands of modern life. A professional tantric massage therapist should be able to feel and consequently relieve all the knots, kinks, tensions and areas of accumulated stress in the client’s body.

Tantric massage is not just a few strokes, caresses and erotic provocations. You should receive a proper massage to be able to fully enjoy its sensual component. A professional sensual massage therapist should work through all your muscles first and only then introduce the erotic element into the play.

As it is sensuality oriented, tantric massage is usually performed in the atmosphere of mystery and relaxation. The parlours will have corresponding décor, statues of tantric gods and goddesses around, candles everywhere and exotic music on the background. But even if you are inviting a mobile erotic masseuse to your place, she will bring with her tea light candles and some music playing device to create relaxing ambience and accentuate the intimate nature of the massage. Shower before and after the tantric massage session is the must for both of you, by the way.