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  3. This is strictly a massage directory for use by massage therapists to promote their professional services and their business. We do not accept profiles submitted on behalf of an escort or escort agency.
  4. We allow nude images, but these must be tasteful and there can be no images of private parts (the genitals).
  5. You cannot use photographs featuring more than one person in the image as part of your profile, nor can you put photographs of more than one therapist in the same profile.
  6. You cannot use our website to promote any services unrelated to the purpose of secretlondonmassage.co.uk.
  7. The web links you place on your profile should be of absolute relevance to sensual massage services.
  8. The can be no discriminatory, racist or offensive language in the profile description. E.g. offering services only to certain racial or ethnic groups.
  9. This is a public website therefore, we are not responsible for the types of clients that may contact you and any problems or due stress caused as a result.
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